The New Beginning

One : 

“She was walking away from him. Her pony tailed hair was marching in tandem with her. Yes, she was walking away forever….

He kept on looking till he could see her. The waves striking on the shores as if wept with him…A 10 years relationship was walking away from him…..

Was this the end? She isn’t coming back…right? Why didn’t he answer her back when she questioned her? 

Did he decide on his own, that the journey ahead was to be travelled alone?”

Two : 

The plane was about to land. The Sun was trying to peep from the clouds…as if it was playing hide and seek! For a moment, the green sea and the bunch of floating islands peeped and then vanished. Sarah got goose bumps…she clinched Roy’s arms tightly. She was awestruck at the sheer beauty of Langkawi. Roy was half asleep. He opened his eyes, winked at her and went back to sleep…

The plane landed with a thud…

Sarah was still lost in her thoughts..

What if she could stay back in one of those islands….with Roy….

The speedboat was moving with full swag. Frequent thuds came complimentary. It was spearing the sea and moving ahead, relentlessly, despite the waves. Sarah was holding on to Roy tightly. They started from the jetty towards their hotel, which was on a private island. 

Their vacation had just began…

Roy and Sarah were going steady for last 10 years. It was time for them to get married. 

Neel Roy was a National Manager in an MNC based in South Africa. He was heading a pharma distribution unit there. That is where he had met Sarah and both of them had fallen for each other. Sarah Roberts was a freelance fashion designer based out of J’burg. 

They had decided on the Langkawi trip six months back. They wanted to spend time together for few days and wanted to decide on their next move. 

The view from the balcony made Sarah spellbound. Roy had booked everything to perfection. The waves were breaking themselves down after hitting the boulders ahead. There were large trees around. Exotic birds. Absolute privacy. But attendants were available at the call of a button. In short….ultimate Luxury amidst amazing nature…

Sarah glimpsed at the watch and noticed it was 2 PM. What about lunch? 

She went inside the room from the attached balcony. Roy was not in the room. Where was he? She thought of taking a quick nap and landed herself on the bed.

The chirping of birds made Sarah wake up from her sleep. She didn’t realise that she has slept off, waiting for Roy. It was almost 6 PM in the evening. The sun was bidding goodbye for the day.

She could hear the door latch open. Roy walked in. 

Sarah looked at Roy with questioning and angry eyes. 

Before she could vent out her anger, Roy collapsed on the bed. Sarah rushed towards him and took him in her arms. She immediately dialled reception and asked for the doctor on duty. 

Roy had collapsed and Sarah could sense acute tension in the eyes of the doctor. Something was seriously wrong!!!

Three :

Roy was staring blankly, at his medical reports. 

He was sitting in a private hospital at Vellore. Their vacation had to be cut short, since, he had to be brought to India, to his parents, in Bangalore. The doctor on duty, had recommended immediate medical attention and the fact that he needed to be shifted to his hometown. Sarah accompanied him to Bangalore and was waiting for Roy to return from Vellore, post his medical check up.

He could not believe his eyes…The report said, he had cancer ! 

Roy could feel that his hand and feet was trembling. He was angry on himself. He could not afford cancer now…at this stage…when he was about to get married to Sarah.and when he was doing so well in his career!!…His career would go for a toss and he knew, he might not survive…

What would he tell Sarah? Will she wait for him? Will she leave him? 

Roy went into deep thoughts….

Four : 

They had come off to Pondicherry for two nights. Both of them were sitting on the beach. Sarah was pleading Roy to tell her, what was the result of check up. But in vain. Roy somehow could not open up and this made Sarah furious. She was not able to understand what was Roy hiding from her and why was he hiding? She thought Roy was hiding something serious and was going mad with the suspense…..

She said – If you don’t tell me, I will not force you…But, I will leave you and then not come back, ever. Saying this, she stood up…

Roy had tears in his eyes….

I am leaving – Sarah said out loud with teary eyes. She started walking..

“She was walking away from him. Her pony tailed hair was marching in tandem with her. Yes, she was walking away forever…..

He kept on looking till he could see her. The waves striking on the shores as if wept with him……..”

Five :

The chemo sessions were painful. They totally drained out Roy. Moreover, Sarah had not come back. She had left after their trip to Pondicherry, for South Africa. Roy had taken a promise from his parents that come what may, they will not disclose about his ailment to Sarah. He knew, though she was in touch with his parents, yet she never spoke to him again. But he knew, he was to blame for this. 

This also affected him badly. By the time he could recover from his chemo sessions and move back to normalcy, the next session would knock on his door. His appetite would disappear after the chemo and by the time he would start eating properly, the next chemo was on. He lost weight drastically. Even, hell was better.

 His employer in South Africa had extended his employment by six months on compassionate grounds but was hinting at hiring his replacement soon.

Life had taken a three sixty degree turn in a month’s time. 

He had to shuttle between Bangalore and Vellore for the check ups and chemo. Alone and broken ! 

After around a year of struggling and trying to adjust to his new life, on a dull and painful morning, he was reading the newspaper, when, an advertisement caught his attention….

He kept on reading the advertisement, again and again….He suddenly felt, he had an opportunity in front of him…maybe his last !

He switched on his Mac and started writing a mail to Sarah….

” Sarah – I am sorry for keeping you in the dark. I thought, the moment I would tell you, that I have cancer, you may leave me, forever. I was a fool to fear this. You left me, either ways. And I am to blame for this.

Yes, I have cancer. It affected my intestines. Rather, after surgery, my intestines are a lot smaller in size now. 

And it has been a year that I have been through hell. The fact that you were not there, made it more difficult. But, I had to do it alone. This part of journey was my own.

The doctor tells me that I am getting better day by day. But, that is his view. My life has a lot of restrictions now. My food habits have changed. I can’t sit at the same place for long, since, my intestines start paining. I can’t have all the food I want. I have to take it in small portions. I can’t drink as I used too. I can’t do anything that I liked earlier, and everything is rationed in my life now.

Due to my physical limitations, I won’t be able to join a job at least for one more year. 

The bad news is – I am screwed up badly. The good news is – I am not dying and I am not giving Up !

Keeping all these things in mind, if you feel, I am still worthy of you, please do come over to Bangalore. I want to get married to you. 

And one more thing……I don’t want to waste my time, recuperating from my ailment and waiting to get better. 

I have decided to apply, for an executive MBA from IIM Bangalore. It is known as PGPEM ( Post Graduate Program In Enterprise Management). It is a two years program. Classes happen on the weekends. So I can rest for the week and be back in  action, on weekends. If I get selected in this, I guess, this would be a great gift from the almighty. And a test of what Resolve I have to live life at my own terms….



The End.

Disclaimer :

This is a fictionalised version of a true story of an individual who fought back life when he was diagnosed with cancer. He is currently studying PGPEM in IIM Bangalore and is doing very well. He is very popular in his class and his batchmates are crazy for his class notes. His approach to life and his never give up attitude, makes him special amongst all !

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