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Love is in the Ruins…(A Love Story at the backdrop of Hampi)

I want to go to Hampi…..Sonakshi said out loud. Hrithik noted her tone! It was assertive. He peeped from the corner of the newspaper that he was reading and looked at her. He understood – The decision was already made. He was only being informed! He nodded and went back to hide behind the newspaper….

The New Beginning

One :  “She was walking away from him. Her pony tailed hair was marching in tandem with her. Yes, she was walking away forever…. He kept on looking till he could see her. The waves striking on the shores as if wept with him…A 10 years relationship was walking away from him….. Was this the…

Road Trip to Shantiniketan – Bliss All Around!

Shantiniketan can take between 4-6 hours, depending on the route taken and the traffic! It is the place which is what it is, because of Rabindranath Tagore! It has wonderful people, amazing food and the famous “Sonajhuri Haat” still maintains it’s glory. Ensure, you take a jig with the traditional dancers at Sonajhuri Haat! It…

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