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Road Trip to Shantiniketan – Bliss All Around!

Shantiniketan can take between 4-6 hours, depending on the route taken and the traffic! It is the place which is what it is, because of Rabindranath Tagore! It has wonderful people, amazing food and the famous “Sonajhuri Haat” still maintains it’s glory. Ensure, you take a jig with the traditional dancers at Sonajhuri Haat! It…

Road Trip to Puri

Road Trip to Puri is always exciting! It takes anywhere between 8-10 hours depending on number of stops! Roads are presumably good, specially the stretch from Cuttack to Puri! Sea Food is amazing and you can try out good options. You would be lucky incase you get to eat the “Jagannath Prasadam”. Wherever you have…

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