Road Trip to Shantiniketan – Bliss All Around!

Shantiniketan can take between 4-6 hours, depending on the route taken and the traffic! It is the place which is what it is, because of Rabindranath Tagore!

It has wonderful people, amazing food and the famous “Sonajhuri Haat” still maintains it’s glory.

Ensure, you take a jig with the traditional dancers at Sonajhuri Haat! It will take your excitement to a different level!

Good Food at “Borishaler Rannaghor”
The only icing was that it was right next to the place we had put up…! It has too much of jostling around, the order placing is still primitive and takes hours of waiting, but, the food tastes good and the people who feed you have a big smile on their faces! What else would you need? πŸ™‚
The prawn malaikari dish and the mutton is to die for (we ate up the mutton really fast and hence could not get a pic πŸ™‚ )
Entrance to the Place we had stayed in! It is around 20 km away from Bolpur and a wonderful abode. It has a lot of birds, few friendly street doggies, butterflies and monkeys :). It is right next to the Ilambazar forest and hence, the greenery and peace is out of the world!
As we walk in…
Very Nicely done. The owner is an architect himself and has exquisite taste. He has also built a glass house inside the property. The restaurant place inside is built on colonial type architecture with belgium Glass!
This friendly buddy, was always available to greet us. he followed us to our rooms and parked himself outside. Even accompanied us to our walks outside the property! Happy Go Lucky Dude πŸ™‚
The famous Dokra handicraft items, at Sonajhuri Haat!
Take a Jig with these traditional dancers! Ensure you tip them after the dance!
My Two Darlings – Mom and Masimoni!
This is worth it! Amazing dance! The music has an adivasi feel…and you feel that you have got transported back in time!
Ohh…What a move from my Niece πŸ™‚
All Happy and contented after the Dance πŸ™‚
We call these singing gentlemen as Bauls….Like all Bauls….he was an absolute pleasure to watch and Listen to!
Don’t forget for some quick shopping in Sonajhuri Haat!
Found this rare talent! Playing on his own! Was amazing!
Some Flora and fauna around our place πŸ™‚
True Bliss, all Around!

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