Road Trip to Puri

Road Trip to Puri is always exciting! It takes anywhere between 8-10 hours depending on number of stops!

Roads are presumably good, specially the stretch from Cuttack to Puri!

Sea Food is amazing and you can try out good options.

You would be lucky incase you get to eat the “Jagannath Prasadam”. Wherever you have it, ensure, you get yourself properly seated on the ground. It is auspicious and tastes amazing!

Post Corona, Aadhaar/govt ID and Final vaccination certificates are compulsory in case you want to visit the temple of Lord Jagannath!

Self Drive from Puri to Konarak via Chandrabhaga beach is must, via the marine drive! You would love driving in this route which is right beside the ocean!

View from the Room!
Vitamin Sea 🙂
Ready for a Ride?
Hello Traveller…Welcome to My Crabby Hole called Home 🙂
“Like there is No Tomorrow”….that is what I felt looking at the crowd swell 🙂
I am feeling hot…Wanna Join me for a Bath 🙂
Riot of Colours!
Different Viewpoint …Shot from within the flower bed!
Hello Dude!
Chandrabhaga Beach….This one will leave you speechless!
Notice the fishing boat?
Lovely Views!
Me and my Badass 🙂

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