Darjeeling (Through Lenses)

Sunrise from the Hotel Window – The first rays of the sun kissing the mighty Kanchenjunga !

The delectable breakfast platter at Keventers!

Butter toast was crispy too at Keventers!

How could I miss the Hot chocolate on such a chilly morning!

Kanchenjunga, shot from somewhere between Darjeeling and Ghoom…

Close Up!

“Jalapahar” area…remember the “Feluda Stories”?

The journey to this place was amazing!

One of the numerous waterfalls enroute to Marybong tea estate!

Some of the shots, during the day trip around Darjeeling!

Inside a Tea garden!

“Back home after a hard day’s Work” – Shot in a tea garden

“Way Back Home….” – Shot in a Tea garden

The Mighty Kanchenjunga, during the day!

Shot in the main Mall area!

Mall Road…

The Hide and Seek with Fog….

Ghoom Monastery

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