ANDAMAN – Sunrise @ havelock islands (Day 1 & day 2)

Day 1 – Woke Up at 4.30 AM and rushed to the private beach of the hotel, where I was staying. I knew it was a sunrise beach and was full of expectations!
The sun had just started colouring up the sky…..and I found a subject in the backdrop….a fishing boat!
The sky started changing it’s hues and it was mesmerizing!
I was staring at this swing for quite some time…it was tied to the branch of a tree above it. And then, I went and sat on it….
When was the last time, I had sat on a swing?……..coudn’t remember! 🙂
“Was it a bit cloudy today?” – I questioned myself….
The high tide started coming in….and the fishing boats changed their directions…..!
Was watching the fishing boats change their directions….with the flow of water…!! When was the last time, I had sat like this…couldn’t remember !!
And then….the silhouette appeared…!
The sun peeped through the clouds….and then the sky started changing colours!
The sunrise was over…..yet I felt like basking in the sun ….didn’t feel like leaving! The slow gush of the water, the surreal light breeze on my face ….felt heavenly!
With one more night in the hotel, thought of coming back the next day….for a better sunrise!
Day 2 :
I was back, bang at 4.45 AM. Few had arrived and were trying to find a suitable place to sit and witness the sunrise!
I noticed, the water had further receded today and the fishing boats were swimming in the mud!…
In the entire sunrise time of say around 1.5-2 hours, there comes a moment…when you can witness the sky exploding with colours. !! This was one such moment….!!
Today, I walked ahead, and decided to take a walk on the beach….and found a couple of more fishing boats…parked and waiting for tide to come in!
The Kala Pathhar beach was ahead….maybe a walk of few kilometres! And it is said that you can witness one of the best sunrise in the world from Kala Pathhar beach!….
I have never seen a shell like this, lying on the beach. The size was huge…almost the size of my palm!
And here comes my good friend…who had parked himself on one of the loungers of the hotel…and was busy watching the sunrise!
Momentarily got distracted and looked at me, clicking him 🙂
My good friend…busy….watching the sunrise!
Just as the sun was cheating again, playing hide and seek amongst the clouds….I decided to find more subjects …and found these!
And there comes the Sun!…..
Suddenly, I noticed this gentleman…wading through mud and moving on…. the water had started rising and I wondered what he was upto!
What say? Timely Click ha ? 🙂

The sunrise at Havelock islands was one of the best, I had witnessed in my life! And I have seen quite a few…..

I am sure, the sun looks more beautiful, when you see it rising right from the ocean….but, I was happy with what I got!

The sunrise and the time spent on the photography, made me introspect, deep within!

Given a chance, I would love to come back! Andaman is mesmerizing!

Don’t miss my scuba diving feature…in my next blog! Happy Reading!!

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