Andamans – Paradise? (PREVIEW)

Finding Nemo πŸ™‚
Deep Sea Scuba Diving! (FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!)
Curious Doggy watching a sunrise, on a lounge Bed!
Mesmerizing sunset at Radhanagar Beach – one of the best beaches in the World!!!
Some random clicks at Radhanagar Beach!
Guess these are what! Keep guessing till I reveal them in my forthcoming blog!
Crabby!! πŸ™‚
Shell and the sand!……
Look at the colour of the ocean!
Amazing fauna!
Red snapper Fry! πŸ™‚
Prawn Curry – Andaman style!
Waiting to Leave …….!
Wanna buy some?….
Corals lying on the beach!
Kalapathhar Beach!
Artwork of Nature…..everywhere!
Sunrise at Havelock!
Don’t forget to have a look at my exclusive blog on the sunrise at havelock!
Cellular Jail and the Indian tricolour!
Cellular Jail ……I had tears in my eyes…after roaming around here!
The beautiful coral…on the beach!
Shot in Port Blair…!
That’s me …swimming with the fishes!

Stay Tuned for more on Andamans! I would be splitting up my experiences, in numerous blogs….Happy Reading and Happy Travelling!

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